Our Services

Our services encompass all aspects of sound financial management for startup companies and small businesses. We remove the headaches associated with accounting and taxation, so companies can concentrate on their products and services.

  • Our Services include:
  • Bookkeeping and Transaction Processing
  • Budgeting and Financial Strategies
  • Business Plans and Financial Projections
  • Controls and Process Implementation
  • Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning
  • External Audit Coordination and Support

What we can do for you

We team up with you to ensure that various processes are handled as if we are part of your regular staff.

Depending on our client’s convenience, we can work onsite or in our offices.

  • Our team is available to:
  • Process all financial transactions, such as vendor invoices / payments, payroll, bank reconciliations, customer collections etc.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements and reports
  • Develop and implement financial controls and policies, to safeguard company assets and facilitate company’s compliance with GAAP
  • Establish banking and credit arrangements, including equipment lease lines
  • Analyze debt / equity financing arrangements
  • Cash flow and Cost control implementation
  • Financial projections and Budgeting
  • Board of Directors Meeting presentations